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Can I buy red rabbit wines at my local bottle shop?

You'll probably find some brands we sell in your local bottleshop. Other brands we feature may have been offered to us exclusively, or made for export, or normally only available at cellar door. What we can guarantee is the deal we offer you is only available when you buy it from Red Rabbit. You won't find our offers replicated in any retail store.

If you are associated with Ritchies Stores, why can't I get the same deal from them?

Up front answer.. Red Rabbit has lower operating costs than traditional bricks and mortar stores. All we have is a shed, a Commodore 64 and a hand trolley with a wobbly wheel.

Can I buy single bottles?

No. We only sell wine by the case. We advertise the single bottle price (along with the full case) so you know how much you are paying for each bottle. You'll be thankful we only sell by the case, it would be really disappointing to receive a single bottle, go back to the site to order more and find out it has already sold out.

How long will each offer be available for?

How long is a piece of string (the measurement from the start point to the end point if you get some other wise guy ask you that). Seriously though, it all depends on how quickly it sells. We buy limited quantities of wine, the number of cases we have left is displayed on the site so if there are only a few left err on the side of caution my friend and buy a few.

The Rabbiteers sound like a pack of dills. Do they really know what they are talking about?

You know that friend you have that is a little nutty but amazingly smart when it comes to certain things, these guys are like that when it comes to wine. They drink the wine, then decide if it is good enough to put on the site. If the wine makes it onto the site they will let you know what they think of it. They've all worked in the industry for years and have been drinking for even longer. They call it as they see it .. or taste it.

How do I become a member and how much does it cost?

You can register HERE and membership is FREE, nada, zip. Alternatively you can do it from the home page or even at the checkout. You do have to be a member to buy from Red Rabbit because we need your details to accept payment and know where to send the wine.

So you're asking for my email, will I be emailed everytime the wind changes?

Lets be real here, no-one wants multiple emails daily from someone trying to sell you something. We get that, Red Rabbit will only send you an email when we have an amazing new wine at an amazing price.

Can I include a gift message or gift wrapping with my order?

Sorry, at this stage neither gift messages or gift wrapping is available.

Are my credit card details safe?

We use the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to process our transactions via their BPoint payment program. No credit card details are kept on our site, in your account info, or on a post-it note. We will never email you asking for your credit card details or ask you to help out a Nigerian Prince that needs to move millions of dollars out of the country so if you do get one of these emails please delete it.

What's the deal with the shipping charge?

So here's the deal, It costs us money to move the wine from our shed to your door. Carlos did ask Australia Post if they would do it for free but they said no. Shonky then came up with the brilliant idea of offering a few cases of wine to the account manager and they still said no. So after some discussion during a tasting session it was decided to charge a flat $10 fee for shipping. That's $10 for 1 case or for 100 cases so go nuts people, buy in bulk. We do ship Australia wide except for designated dry areas within Australia.

How long will it take to get my wine?

Orders are processed within 48hrs and then it's over to Australia Post to do their part. They've been delivering all sorts of things around Australia for a while now and seem to have it sussed, plus your case of wine is too big for the postie bike so it's likely your case/s will take a plane ride and then a van ride directly to your door. Long story short if you're in Melbourne we expect it would get to you within 5 business days. Outside of Vic we would say 7 business days just to be safe (promise less, deliver more, you know the drill). Oh by the way you will also get a tracking code so if you're wondering how your wine's trip is going just log onto the Aus Post site and enter the code you receive in the shipping confirmation email.

What if I get my wine and it is damaged?

Short of delivering your wine wrapped in 50 layers of bubble wrap we do make every effort to ensure it will arrive safely. That being said we do realise the good people at Australia Post may encounter a seriously bumpy road at speed and your wine might be damaged in transit. If the box looks like it's been used as a soccer ball when it is delivered please open and check the contents before signing for it. If all looks ok and you find a broken bottle after the driver has left please contact us asap. We may request you return the damaged product to us or provide us with a photo of the damage so that we can determine how it has happened to avoid similar issues in the future.

Is this site the best wine buying site ever?

Well how nice of you to ask. We like to think so but we're just as biased as new parents. That aside we do only list the offers we believe are sensational value and would buy ourselves.

If a champagne bottle spontaneously explodes in a forest does it make a sound?

Who is asking these questions? We at Red Rabbit promote the responsible enjoyment of alcohol. If you find yourself asking these type of questions it's probably time to call it a night.

Are you guys serious?

Three words (followed by some more), Yes We Are, especially when it comes to two things: 1. Delivering great value deals on quality wine; and
2. Encouraging the legal and responsible consumption of alcohol.